Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8 2015

Urghhhhhhhhhhhh Its Tuesday,well at least one day closer to weekend.I like to start my day by thinking positively.Woke up this morning and i was tired.Running a mile is no joke after all.Sorry to disappoint you guys but I didn't burn my hand today,I was careful with the tab.Had sausages in the morning,only they tasted more like a sheep's head.I didn't say anything to mom though we are not allowed to criticize her cooking,we aren't allowed to criticize anything she does....... School was boring,we had to dissect frogs in biology,they smelled like the sausages i had in morning.Most of the class spent their time saying ewwwwwww so we hardly got started.After doing 30 push ups in PE,we all felt like Spartans.It started raining once i got home so i just spent some quality time with my pets and now i am writing this diary entry.I will see you guys tomorrow,hasta luego(I just learnt that today in our Spanish class)

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