Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 12 2015

Yaayyyyyyyyyyyy its finally weekend.I had a dream about my biology partner last night.I should stop calling her my biology partner,her name is Katie.Had breakfast,even the sausages tasted good today.
"Mom Katie will be coming over today,we have to work on a homework assignment"
My mom nearly dropped the pan she was washing "Since when have you started doing homework?"
"Ever since he met Katie"My sister said laughing.I hate her hyena like laugh.
I got dressed up,took a shower and put some gel in my hair.Finally Katie arrived,we were talking about how frogs drink water from their skin when my brother came rushing in.
"Hey guys you wanna play hide and seek?"
"Andrew can't you see we are studying here" I shouted.Katie was sitting on the same bed as me,only a few inches away.What else could i ask for.
"Actually i won't mind playing hide and seek.I really love how you share my passion about frogs but i think we need a break"
Things might have been different if we were living in North Korea but since we are in a democratic country and the majority rules,we started playing hide and seek.It was my brother's turn to hide.After searching every corner in the house we finally gave up.After 90 minutes or so Andrew appeared out of restroom.
"You were hiding in a restroom!"I yelled,here we were searching the house like idiots
"I wasn't hiding,I was using it"
"You were in there for an hour"
"I had constipation..."

Finally it was time for Katie to leave
"I had such a great time today" she said giving me a hug(oooooo lalalallala)
"I think we should do it again someday,i mean there is so much more to frogs,so much we haven't discovered yet" Well if it took reading 30 more frog books to get her,so be it.
"I think i would like that"she gave me that beautiful smile and left.
Today was a great day and it makes me happy to even write about it.Thank you to everyone who reads my diary everyday,you guys are awesome.See you again tomorrow


  1. compelling. passion. suspense. romanse. i like how not describe anything so it relatable. when writer say katie was pretty it could not be read by ugly girl could not get into storry. if you said description of andrew was nigro african adopted child, not relatable for white supremes. all open makes storry better. you not say if biology students smart or bad student, all student can get in this storry and love it.

  2. Thank you so much for those kind words.People like you are the reason I write and I am glad you have enjoyed it.You understand literature and you are right on spot,that is the exact reason i haven't described any of the characters.I want every person to get involved in this.

  3. i like your teen storry with love and romanse feelings. when sex? my mom doen'st let me write sex storrys, just kissing. i want to feel sex tho. in my teen storry they have sex and female cop spys them and then demands 3some and then they have sex, but my mom says i cannot write it. i'm learn about writing in community collage.

  4. im muslim that why i cannot write teen sexy storrys. it is against quran and allah. do not bring shame 2 family my mom says.

  5. Well my stories don't involve sex too,its best if you keep sex out of your stories.Some people are not comfortable reading about sex and if you are going to write a sex story,people under the age of 21 can't read it since its illegal and restricted in many countries for younger audience to read such stuff.A great romantic story doesn't need to involve sex :) Best of luck to you