Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15 2015

Well its Tuesday,nothing to be excited about.Christmas break is just around the corner and that is the only thing keeping me going.Had a nightmare last night that Katie turned me into a frog.I guess I have been thinking a lot about Katie lately and reading too much about frogs.Sister decided to sing Jingle Bells at breakfast which killed all my Christmas spirit. Mr Jason took a test on grammar,apparently my grammar is as good as my Spanish.Spent the entire biology class admiring Katie's frog diagram,to be fair it looked more like a cockroach then a frog but oh well if Katie thinks its a frog then it must be a frog.Came back home and it was already dark,writing this diary entry now while my brother is crawling around the house,pretending to be a marine.He needs to grow up.Anway I will see you guys tomorrow.

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