Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7 2015

Urghhhhhhhhhhhh its Monday,it was hard for me to get up for school.My little bro jumped on the bed in an effort to wake me up.My eyes only opened when i nearly burnt my hand under the tab only to realize i had opened it the wrong way.I wondered if that was a good excuse to stay home.Went to mom and tried my luck.
"But mom its my right hand,how am i supposed to take notes."
"Your hand looks completely fine,if you can't take notes then just sit in the class and listen to your teachers"
"But mom......"
Yeah Monday has never been my lucky day.School was boring like always hahahha if you aren't an Asian you would agree.Our coach made us run a mile only most of us didn't run......I was tired before we even started. managed an impressive 8 minutes something.Nothing important to write about history class.Let me quote someone here."I don't get why we need to learn history. They're all dead anyway."Had to wait for half an hour before mom came to pick me.Stole a few cars……………… GTA,did some homework and now writing this diary entry,Tomorrow might be an exciting day.I have a science project due.See you guys then.

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  1. wow. it could be like movie or tru life. rich. i read story and want to know what happen with kathryn and jacob. will they kiss. will they get married. will win science fair. who knows future. hi and thank you agains.