Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16 2015

Well its Wednesday,yeah yeah you already know but some of the people reading this diary follow Chinese calendar so just a reminder.Woke up on the floor this morning,I had a nightmare last night and while fighting the dark forces I fell off my bed or maybe those dark forces threw me off my bed.Well that remains a mystery.Had to squeeze the last bits of Colgate left in the tube,what a waste of energy so early in the morning.It was my sister's turn to sing Holy Night today and I spent another breakfast cussing under my breath. Mr Jason made us write an essay on ancient civilization,I know our ancestors used to live naked in the forests but yeah thats pretty much all I knew.I managed to fill half of the page this time so that is some improvement.Came back home,played some baseball with little brother.After three strikes,he started chasing me around with his bat.Oh the kids these days.Writing this diary entry now while wearing a helmet,I will see you guys again tomorrow.

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