Friday, December 18, 2015

December 18 2015

      Well its Friday,i did not start the day by listening to Rebecca Black.It had started raining once I got out of bed.Rain makes my sister sad and she started singing"Cry me a river". After listening to her for a few minutes i really felt like crying a river. Did not play hockey in PE because it was raining,see rain is not that bad after all.Came back home to realize we are going to visit our aunt during the Christmas break.I won't be able to write diary since there is no internet connection over there.I will see you guys after the Christmas break

Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 17 2015

                       Woke up tired this morning,spent most of the night decorating Christmas tree last night and went to bed at 1.Its not easy to decorate a Christmas tree,when there are two other people trying to destroy it.My sister and brother had no clue what they were doing but they still wanted to take part in it. Anyway it was another annoying day at school.Started playing hockey in PE,the only rule in hockey is that you can't stop running.Everyone missed baseball dearly.Felt like an alien in the Spanish class and watched a movie in biology.The movie was fun but the classroom still smelled of frogs. Came back home and now writing this diary entry.Hopefully will get a better sleep tonight

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16 2015

Well its Wednesday,yeah yeah you already know but some of the people reading this diary follow Chinese calendar so just a reminder.Woke up on the floor this morning,I had a nightmare last night and while fighting the dark forces I fell off my bed or maybe those dark forces threw me off my bed.Well that remains a mystery.Had to squeeze the last bits of Colgate left in the tube,what a waste of energy so early in the morning.It was my sister's turn to sing Holy Night today and I spent another breakfast cussing under my breath. Mr Jason made us write an essay on ancient civilization,I know our ancestors used to live naked in the forests but yeah thats pretty much all I knew.I managed to fill half of the page this time so that is some improvement.Came back home,played some baseball with little brother.After three strikes,he started chasing me around with his bat.Oh the kids these days.Writing this diary entry now while wearing a helmet,I will see you guys again tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15 2015

Well its Tuesday,nothing to be excited about.Christmas break is just around the corner and that is the only thing keeping me going.Had a nightmare last night that Katie turned me into a frog.I guess I have been thinking a lot about Katie lately and reading too much about frogs.Sister decided to sing Jingle Bells at breakfast which killed all my Christmas spirit. Mr Jason took a test on grammar,apparently my grammar is as good as my Spanish.Spent the entire biology class admiring Katie's frog diagram,to be fair it looked more like a cockroach then a frog but oh well if Katie thinks its a frog then it must be a frog.Came back home and it was already dark,writing this diary entry now while my brother is crawling around the house,pretending to be a marine.He needs to grow up.Anway I will see you guys tomorrow.

Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14 2015

Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its Monday.Woke up this morning feeling horrible,another week of school to survive.I bet even Gandhi did not feel positive on Monday.Sister decided to sing at breakfast table which just added to my frustration.Mom took forever to take a shower due to which I arrived late at school.Our teacher Jason locks the door which means anyone who comes late has to stand outside in the cold.I had never been thrilled about Jason's class but anything was better then standing outside in this unbearable chilly December morning. Played baseball in PE today,all i had to do was think about Jason in my head and the fury did the rest.Scoring 4 home runs got me thinking if i should become a professional baseball player.Came back home and now writing this diary entry,already feeling sleepy.Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I will see you guys tomorrow.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 13 2015

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay its Sunday.Well i mean Monday is only a few hours away but like i mentioned I am a positive person.Nearly slipped in the restroom,the floor was wet and my eyes were still closed.Brushed my teeth three times,i mean the way things are going who knows what Katie might wanna do next.Had a nice conversation with a neurologist on kik.I like talking with intelligent people,makes me feel smart.. Visited my grandpa,his memory isn't exactly great.Chased me around the house with his cane thinking i was a Nazi.He only stopped when I raised my white tissue,apparently tissues are not only useful for cleaning your nose.Came back home to realize i got 5 assignments due tomorrow,i will see you guys then..

Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 12 2015

Yaayyyyyyyyyyyy its finally weekend.I had a dream about my biology partner last night.I should stop calling her my biology partner,her name is Katie.Had breakfast,even the sausages tasted good today.
"Mom Katie will be coming over today,we have to work on a homework assignment"
My mom nearly dropped the pan she was washing "Since when have you started doing homework?"
"Ever since he met Katie"My sister said laughing.I hate her hyena like laugh.
I got dressed up,took a shower and put some gel in my hair.Finally Katie arrived,we were talking about how frogs drink water from their skin when my brother came rushing in.
"Hey guys you wanna play hide and seek?"
"Andrew can't you see we are studying here" I shouted.Katie was sitting on the same bed as me,only a few inches away.What else could i ask for.
"Actually i won't mind playing hide and seek.I really love how you share my passion about frogs but i think we need a break"
Things might have been different if we were living in North Korea but since we are in a democratic country and the majority rules,we started playing hide and seek.It was my brother's turn to hide.After searching every corner in the house we finally gave up.After 90 minutes or so Andrew appeared out of restroom.
"You were hiding in a restroom!"I yelled,here we were searching the house like idiots
"I wasn't hiding,I was using it"
"You were in there for an hour"
"I had constipation..."

Finally it was time for Katie to leave
"I had such a great time today" she said giving me a hug(oooooo lalalallala)
"I think we should do it again someday,i mean there is so much more to frogs,so much we haven't discovered yet" Well if it took reading 30 more frog books to get her,so be it.
"I think i would like that"she gave me that beautiful smile and left.
Today was a great day and it makes me happy to even write about it.Thank you to everyone who reads my diary everyday,you guys are awesome.See you again tomorrow

Friday, December 11, 2015

December 11 2015

It's Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
I stopped listening to this song after i got an ear infection.Nevertheless I WAS EXCITED this morning because oh well its Friday.School appeared less gloomy,took a test in history.A question asked for Napoleon birth date,I even forget my own birthday how the hell am i supposed to remember his? Our history teacher wasn't impressed with the test results,spent the rest of the class trying to motivate us to study. He has been doing that since the start of the year,it hasn't worked so far but oh well he is an optimistic man.Here is the best part of the day,my biology partner will be visiting me on Saturday after i told her that i wanted to share my frog knowledge with her.Went home,read some books about frogs.Lunch wasn't so tasty,the frogs kept appearing in my head.Oh the sacrifices you have to make for love.Anyway guys i better shower and get ready for tomorrow,See you folks tomorrow.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 10 2015

Its Thursday,weekend is in touching distance.After brushing my teeth,gave myself a big smile in the mirror.School has started to become a little interesting due to my biology lab partner,nevertheless for the most part it was boring.Frog dissection didn't go too well,I cut the frog on the wrong spot and all the water like stuff came out,biology teacher wasn't quite impressed(As if i care).It was my turn to sing a song in Spanish class,I didn't exactly sound like Enrique Iglesias but i am glad i am done with this assignment,i was better then most students,many of their Spanish sounded more like Chinese.Came back home,took a hot shower and now writing this diary entry.See you guys tomorrow,take care and keep all the medicines away from children.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9 2015

Well its Wednesday,halfway to the weekend.I woke up sneezing this morning,everyone around me has flu and the symptoms have also started to appear in me.School was boring.
"Only if Germany had not attacked Russia,they could have possibly won the world war 2" Our History teacher said with great regret.Sometimes i wonder if he is a Nazi,even his mustache resembles that of Hitler.Learnt A,B,C in Spanish while the Mexicans made fun of us.Spent the entire biology class trying to impress my lab partner,i believe she is really beginning to like me. Came back home spent the rest of the day dreaming about her.Now writing this diary entry with a tissue in my hand,urghhhh flu flu go away

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8 2015

Urghhhhhhhhhhhh Its Tuesday,well at least one day closer to weekend.I like to start my day by thinking positively.Woke up this morning and i was tired.Running a mile is no joke after all.Sorry to disappoint you guys but I didn't burn my hand today,I was careful with the tab.Had sausages in the morning,only they tasted more like a sheep's head.I didn't say anything to mom though we are not allowed to criticize her cooking,we aren't allowed to criticize anything she does....... School was boring,we had to dissect frogs in biology,they smelled like the sausages i had in morning.Most of the class spent their time saying ewwwwwww so we hardly got started.After doing 30 push ups in PE,we all felt like Spartans.It started raining once i got home so i just spent some quality time with my pets and now i am writing this diary entry.I will see you guys tomorrow,hasta luego(I just learnt that today in our Spanish class)

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7 2015

Urghhhhhhhhhhhh its Monday,it was hard for me to get up for school.My little bro jumped on the bed in an effort to wake me up.My eyes only opened when i nearly burnt my hand under the tab only to realize i had opened it the wrong way.I wondered if that was a good excuse to stay home.Went to mom and tried my luck.
"But mom its my right hand,how am i supposed to take notes."
"Your hand looks completely fine,if you can't take notes then just sit in the class and listen to your teachers"
"But mom......"
Yeah Monday has never been my lucky day.School was boring like always hahahha if you aren't an Asian you would agree.Our coach made us run a mile only most of us didn't run......I was tired before we even started. managed an impressive 8 minutes something.Nothing important to write about history class.Let me quote someone here."I don't get why we need to learn history. They're all dead anyway."Had to wait for half an hour before mom came to pick me.Stole a few cars……………… GTA,did some homework and now writing this diary entry,Tomorrow might be an exciting day.I have a science project due.See you guys then.